Importance of Responsive Web Design

In this new era of technology every client demands mobile version of website.

Why Responsive Web Design is essential
Now a days mostly people use smart phone to have an access to internet. So, they use smart phone for browsing and visit any site for different purposes. It means if your web site is not being designed in such a way means not compatible and responsive to smart phones then your company in term of products and services don’t have access to your potential customers.  Through a responsive web design, you will have a strong online presence and users will easily find all your products and services.
One more thing is that your site should be easy to navigate and user friendly so that your user can easily find all the information regarding your products and services. It will help you to increase your conversion rate as well. If your site will not be easy to navigate then user will leave your site and will search for another website which is more user friendly, easy to navigate and responsive in design.

Advantages of responsive web designs

According to current trends of web designing and development every professional designer understands the importance of responsive web design. Even now google and other search engines prefer the site having responsive web design rather than other one in the search results. Though its very important to have a well-designed website that can easily attract the users with perfect color scheme and design elements. But beside looking good and perfect a web site should have a perfect loading time while browsing and If your company is a service provider then must add phone number and contact form should be always visible for your visitors to click and convert them into a client. The site should be designed in such a way that your current popular products should be presented to the visitor as soon as possible.

Why Responsive Web Design rather than an app?
App can be a best option but its not very practical in every condition like in some cases many people don’t have enough space in their phones so they don’t download apps. Second thing is that there are many types in smart phone like Android, Black Berry, Window and I phone so developers should develop different versions so in this situation you need more budget and then according to app stores, your app should fulfill all the requirements so it’s a long process. One more thing that should keep in mind in Responsive web design is speed and fast loading time. The needed codes in this process should be optimized properly for best working of web site in a responsive way.


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