Importance of feedback for any Web designer

There is very important of a feedback of every web designer

You just tell them about your requirements and business objectives and then they work professionally on website designing and development according to current trends. The next step after final delivery is the feedback and approval of your client. It's very important for every designer.

Types of Feedback Usually Web designers experience

Some clients give you a very constructive feedback to motivate you and praise  your work and then tell you what they want to change. It helps the designers to refine the basic design concept. But if your feedback requires a complete rejection, want a different design and second option, then it leaves the designer in frustration. Though feedback is very important for any creative professional like web or graphic designers to create a complete and effective design. A constructive feedback always helps to motivate the designer and also help them to improve their skills.

How to handle the feedback Professionally?

In the same way a client should properly brief about their project and then try to give constructive feedback according to the original concept.
Don't try to complicate the things as well as not give so much importance to minor details. Just focus on main features that will help you in long terms. As its the essential thing for designers to get the feedback. Though we can't control that what kind of feedback he or she is giving but for somehow it can be tacked wisely by the professional designer.

•    First of all just listen to your client feedback, whether constructive or not.
•    Then Prepare yourself to handle the client through proper management and effective communication. For example the client says the design is not working for us as we need something in term of colors that are easy on the eye.
•    The designer should say, Thank you for your feedback, but let me tell you about some background behind the design as I can change it according to your requirements, but these colors match through your brand and perfectly go according yo your products but its all about your choice. This technique somehow works effectively and client agree on the designer's point of view and in this way agree on small changes.


Feedback don't always push you to work more as many clients properly understand the requirements of the projects and always gives you constructive, descriptive and informed feedback that helps both the client and the website designer to come on final conclusion that is actually required according to the brief and the design process to eradicate all the inconvenience. As at the end you have to work as a team just to build a long term relationship with your client.


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