How to make your website mobile Friendly?

Mobile-friendly website is an essential requirement

A mobile-friendly website is the one that is designed developed and optimized according to the requirements of mobile users. It’s not a very easy task. It’s a special thing as all the mobile devices, and different gadgets like tablets have different sizes and resolution. So, not only one format will display correctly on every device. To resolve this, today’s website templates are moving into a scaling format where they can rapidly adjust to the device they’re displaying on. As due to an increase in mobile phone users, Google has updated the search engine algorithm to give high ranking to the website those are mobile-friendly.

Here are some tips to help you to make the mobile version of your website efficiently;
Simple and Attractive Website Designing
The first essential thing to make your site mobile friendly is that you have to make it simple because complicated and extensive features become slow on mobile devices. The primary purpose of the mobile-friendly website is to instant delivery of content to the potential users so just for best user experience keep thing simple.

Optimization of Image Size

Usually, the bandwidth of the mobile devices is smaller than desktop devices and take longer time to load anything, so its best to use images that have the smallest possible file size while still looking sharp and clear on of any kind screen it’s being viewed on.

Standard Fonts
First of all, while the selection of any font keeps in mind the factor of readability. Always use the fonts that are already installed in mobile devices because if you use any custom design fonts, the user will not bother to install the font first and then visit your site. He or she will ultimately leave your site. So try to make it simple yet attractive for the convenience of users.

Mobile-Friendly Website Templates
Try to use these mobile-friendly website templates or responsive designs for the effective functioning of your website on mobile devices. It will make sure the high-quality display for the users.

Media Queries
Media queries are a significant part of the development of a mobile-friendly website. Media is the content delivering to the potential user, and this is the technique for sending a personalized sheet to different devices that permit you to ask a device what size it is, then leads the browser to display things following the set of CSS that you have set.

Bootstrap Framework
Though there are many frameworks, this bootstrap framework is designed to rapidly and inevitably scale your web page to any device. Before using any framework just check the compatibility according to your site goals and objectives. Here you can take some professional help to manage all the technicalities properly.

The mobile-friendly website is not just all about design; it also interrelated to user’s experience. A proper loading time, a high speed that helps to create the best experience on your website. Usually, small optimized images and less data helps to load pages faster and then ultimately leads to a positive image of the website.


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