What are website designing key terms?

Why you need to know about different website key terms?

Website design Karachi permit business websites to appropriately show on various screen sizes and give a valuable name to the brand. Responsive website development progressively changes the presence of a site dependent on the screen size. Regularly, website development Karachi that utilizes the responsive approach gives better results as compared to traditional website development approaches. There are various website development terms that a designer must be familiar with in order to design an attractive and long-lasting website.

In this article, we shall discuss some basic key terms that are most commonly and widely used by a website developer. Here is a list of websites designing key terms.

Web Server

A web server is a place where websites are hosted and accessed by multiple users at a time. During the website designing process, you need to assure the best and fast web server as all your data will be placed on the web server that you have purchased for your business website. The web server provides you a space to locate your website and data from where your clients can access your brand website. Always look for a fast and secure website server hosting company as your website contains all your secret information and company data. As security is a more important factor to be considered while purchasing web server hosting services because no one wants their data or website to be crashed or destroyed by spammers or hackers.


HTML stands for hypertext markup language and is used for front-end website development. Sites include a range of materials as well as smart components like CSS and javascript. HTML is mainly used for designing the user end more informative and attractive.


PHP is a developer-side programming language which implies the source code is prepared by the developer. It is mainly called backend language.

Relevant Keywords

Keywords are those words that has been associated with your brand and your targeted clients look for. Relevant keywords are added in the website to help your client to visit your products and services.

Meta Tags

The meta tag is the brief text that consists of brand names and keywords. It is used to rank your website on top of Google's first page.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It is the way toward working on the rankings of websites in the internet search engines. Having an attractive website is not a single thing that a company needs to consider. Without utilizing search engine optimization techniques your website will not be visible to a number of audiences. The only way to improve your website visibility and ranking are to work on SEO techniques and get involved with your targeted clients.

Web Hosting

To get a site on the web, you need to host your site records on a web server associated with the internet. Web hosting is a kind of business that empowers people to save and access their site rapidly without buying and interface their own server.


Everyone must be aware of the term internet protocol the short-term IP address. An IP address is a physical address assigned by internet services to any computing device during browsing on the internet. Both refer to internet protocols but HTTPS indicates the website that you are browsing ensures the security of customers' data and there is no single spam or virus that could harm the client’s data. So, during website designing, you must be clear to go for HTTPS internet protocols so that your client’s security may not be breached.


A domain name is an extraordinary name used to recognize the domain of a site on a web server. You must analyze how your website is used by customers before deciding about a domain name. You need to retrieve what it is called when someone browsing your business site and then type it into a search engine. It is not hard to find and simple to spell, an excellent domain name.

Domain Name Server

DNS stands for domain name server. It keeps a new list of domain names and makes an interpretation of them back into IP addresses. Every web server is accessed with the help of a unique IP address and domain name.

Content Management System

You need innovative material for your website when developing the website which could entice your customers to connect with your business. Google has specified several criteria that can assist in arranging your blogs and website material. As descriptive material helps you to find out, it simplifies ranking on your web pages and ultimately leads people onto your website. These frameworks help to deal with the creation and change of advanced substances.


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