Primary Mistakes to Avoid in Web Design

Design of any website plays a significant role because it creates the first impression on your target audience. While designing any website, the designers keep in mind usability, user experience, site speed as well as typography. Now due to advancement of technology designers have access to many useful tools and have guidelines for best website designing but usually, designers repeat same mistakes. To avoid these mistakes always keep in mind that allows your users to find information, read and access this information and make your users understand that where they have to click and where their destination is. The most common mistakes usually we see according to web design Karachi experts are as follows:

Lack of Clarity

Clarity should be the essential element while designing any website, but this is the most common mistake designers made and don’t focus on that that the users should give the perfect design to understand the different design elements on your website clearly. What means a lack of clarity in any web site? Few examples are Wrong location or unanticipated content location, hidden policies and prices and competitive links.

From this, it is clear that designers should not get out the content on unfamiliar places. It will frustrate your target visitors, and he or she will leave the page soon. Secondly, navigational matters a lot as two categories don’t have to sound the same. Otherwise, it will leave your viewers confused and ultimately leave the site. The third most important thing is the hidden prices and charges. It will give a wrong impression of that that consumers are treated dishonestly so all the fee and costs should be transparent and open according to the design perspective.

UX Hitches

UX of your website shows how easy your site visitors find. Some considerable UX design-related errors are too much information, not enough search results, Abandoning users on micro sites. Repetitive links and Faulty filters and facets etc.

Here we will discuss in detail like one major thing that should be resolved is repetitive links and empty pages having no information. These types of errors force users to repeatedly click on what amounts to the same kinds of links to get detailed information. Secondly, some sites have subset options, but then they don’t have link to go back to your site. It keeps people frustrated, but without any return button option, they ultimately leave your site. Filters and facets should be tagged correctly and sufficient to eradicate any confusion.

Information Structure

The information structure of overall web design should be well organized through proper organizing, structuring, and labeling the content in a clear possible way. Try to avoid too much information as well as hidden links to your users. For the content arrangement, the designer should keep in mind that it should be easy to understand arranged in small paragraphs having headings, subheadings and bullet points. This is very important for the best design.


The designer should focus on and avoid the errors mentioned above to increase the site’s usability, conversions, on-page time, and sales. Otherwise, the potential users will leave your site and will never come back due to bad user experience.


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