Logo Design trends to look in 2019

Logo Design industry is coming up with the major changes in the year of 2019

Simple and sleek design
Size zero era is back and now logos are simple. Most of the companies are now making logos which are straightforward and sleek versions of the older logos. Newbies in the logo industry are also working for the modern type of logos following the footprints. Graphic designers are considering some critical factors for the logo design in Karachi.
  • The fonts play the role of hero and they stand out in the background.
  • The logo has to be different in the background both plain and reverse.
  • Colors of the logo give main focus on the design. Use of proper colors can give you the fame easily.
  • You can also choose complimentary fonts without simplifying the design.

Cursive is the new personal
Font of the logo plays an emotional connection such as if you see the font of Disney which attracts most of the children. Expanding competition is now changing the game in the year 2019 trends are coming back. Companies are now increasing the customer retention and choosing the new ways to increase customer retention. Fonts play the backbone of the logo designing industry. Slim fonts for some logos are suitable now and use of them is very common in the logo designing in the year 2019. The reputation of the brand is difficult to rewrite this is the reason you can never go cross the borders.
Mnemonics of this era
A cat on the wall is one type of Mnemonics. In the starting of this trend was famous for only some industries. Mnemonics are better than words this is the reason most of the brands are now using them and they increased the trends in the modern time. Brands are now using it more often to get famous in the customer. It is the selection of the icon for your brand smartly which give you the prominent visibility.
Red Color is famous
Logos of 2019 are shy to experiment with the colors. The logos are now created in every color which is familiar to me. Most of the logo this year are using conventional color shades. This is a right way to try and test the technique. 2019 is the year of innovations and experiments and in the coming year colors of all the hues and tones will be used in the logo.

Trust Seal

The chance of this logo trend is increasing in the year of 2019. Seal Trust logos are the best and important for some industries. It increases the trust of the consumer in the market and they become more loyal to the brand. There is no hard and fast rule that seal of this trust has to be in circular shape you can make it in different other shapes as the trend is changing in 2019.


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