Guidelines to Design a Prefect Logo

Your business Logo is the sign that symbolically represents your company

designing a perfect logo has lots of importance so don’t underestimate its value. A logo is a significant part of the website designing. It helps to establish reliability and brand recognition. When you design a website logo, first thing is to understand your goals and message you want to convey to your potential consumers. It helps you to in your design, choice of color and font picks.
There are some tips that should follow while designing any logo;
•    Make it Simple
•    Make it Scalable
•    Use the colors Wisely
•    Make it Timeless
•    Consider Different Design Options to select the best one
•    Stay Flexible

Following mistakes should be avoided while designing the logo;

Avoid too much dependence on latest Trends
Most of the clients require latest trends and this is one of the biggest mistakes they made. A logo should be timeless and everlasting so you can take the inspiration from latest trends, but don’t too much rely on these and try to be practical while designing.

Avoid Complex Designs
A designer should recognize that a logo should be very simple and memorable so avoid complex designs. All the famous brands have simple logos like Nike, McDonald, Apple etc. If a designer uses so much color, typeface and too many icons in one logo then it will be complex and don’t easily convey the actual meaning behind the logo. So, try to keep it as simple as possible.

Avoid Using Multiple typefaces in a logo
Usually designers make a big mistake by using multiple typefaces. According to them a logo with multiple typefaces looks appealing and attractive but that’s not true. Try to use maximum 2 to 3 typefaces in one logo to make it simple and memorable.

Selection of Colors

Selection of colors is very important part in logo designing. You should select the colors that go well with the personality and message of your brand. Try to understand the psychology of the colors for their best selection.

Don’t Copy
The logo should be unique and simple. It is the biggest mistake to copy any feature of your competitor’s logo. Try to create a unique logo design that perfectly represents your business.

Proof Reading is very Important

Designers often overlook to proofread their designed logos and, in this way, leave the spelling mistakes in the logo. No matter how much tempting, unique and memorable your designed logo is, it will give a negative image of a company if it has any spelling mistake. Therefore, designers should always check their designed logos.

Avoid using Stock Vector Graphics in logo
Using Stock vector images from Vector Stock and other such sites make yourself in trouble. This mistake is usually done by the designers who are not fully aware of copyright laws. A logo should unique, but You cannot design a unique logo with stock vector images because other designers might have used the same image so try to avoid vector graphics in logos.


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