Famous Logos Process Sketches

You will get wondered today that how these famous brands made their process sketches.

Paula Scher draws the processing sketch of the brand. It was on a napkin in the first meeting with the company. This was the integration of an old style of the umbrella on the timeless wordmark. The design was loved and approved by the brand and they accepted it at the end of the meeting.

In 1971 Nike logo was created by the state of Portland University of graphic designers. Name of the student was Carolyn Davidson for only $35. She made 6 logo designs for the company and the company picks one of them which was less awful. The logo made a name in the market and got the fame due to the simplicity but it never updated since it was created. Now the company has a big business and share in the market but the logo is still really simple.

Pinterest updated their logo in the year 2011 to give it a sophisticated look. They use Bello script for making the typeface and enhanced it. Use of Ligatures make it more beautiful and the audience is loving to have this. The logo is good and people are satisfied with the changes designer made in the logo. After that time till now no change has come in this logo design till now.
In 1971 Raymond Loewy makes over the logo of the shell and this shape is still working for the brand. Before this time the shell was never satisfied with the logo and it was changing all the time because it easily becomes outdated. Now shell is not furthermore enhancing the logo as Raymond has done a lot of work in this and the logo seems modern now. He used some powerful tools to process sketch the logo before originally making it.

Exxon Mobile
Process sketch of the Exxon mobile is made by Raymond Loewy which is perfect and having the concept of double x’s. He made it in 18 variations but he chooses one from these 18 and marks okay with it. This is one of the tough logo process sketches which he faced. Company loves the logo and with minimum changes, the logo is still working on the brand.

I Love New York
Milton Glaser made the process sketch of the brand. This is one of the iconic logo design which was printed on envelops in the campaign. He never charged any price for the beautiful logo. This is one of the strange things because the logo got a lot of fame in the world.
The two-tailed mermaid was the inspiration of Starbucks which was the Norse of 15th Century.  This logo was designed by the professional named Terry Heckler. With the passage of time lady mermaid was enhanced and we can see how the modern lady mermaid on envelopes and on the mugs of Starbucks. The brand is famous in the market and the logo is very catchy as per need.
Jon Hicks updated the logo of MailChimp who is also the designer of the logo of Firefox in the year 2008. He refined some rough sketches to make a perfect logo.


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